Smart Class Rooms Interactive Displays (IFPD)

Ideal touchscreen display solution for class rooms, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces with a higher-quality display, enhanced connectivity, and built-in software solutions. These solutions are perfect for corporates business opportunities, educational pursuits, training and conferences for better presentation. This device replace the traditional smart boards using projector and desktops to connect and work for classrooms.

  • Dynamic and engaging solution for both education and business environments with Android OS and Optional Windows OPS.
  • Wide range of screen size depends on classrooms size.
  • Fast and Easy Reach – Easily connect computers or other devices to the front-facing HDMI, Touch, and USB inputs.
  • Front-firing speakers to ensure projected sound within the room environment.
  • Wireless screen cast and third party app integrations
  • Video Conferencing and Annotations tools for classrooms
  • Anti-glare coating and eye care panel, voice command and the proximity sensor.
  • Multi-touch technology – 20-point touch including infrared.
  • Automatic palm erases and palm rejection function.

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