Commercial Displays

Interactive Flat Displays

With 4K Ultra HD Picture Quality, Digital Whiteboard, Wireless Casting, Video Conferencing facilities, Built-in Speakers and Plug-in Camera. OS – Android and Windows

Digital Signage Displays with CMS

  • Indoor Digital Signage – 4K UHD Displays (43”, 49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”) are perfectly fit for public transport and retail locations. vivid and vibrant colors immerse viewers and will effectively provide content 24/7 in an elegant, vibrant and reliable way.
  • Outdoor Signage Displays – All weather capable display with IP ratings. The IP65 and IP55 ratings provide full protection against dust and water projection. Built in intelligent heating and cooling, together with a smart automatic air circulation system. Anti-vandal glass for protection from extreme environmental conditions and impacts to the display.
  • Window Facing Digital Signage Displays – (49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”) With ultra high brightness of 2500 nits, the Hisense window facing displays will attract attention in any lighting condition.

LED Display Solutions

  • Indoor LED Display – HIP, HIT, HIK Series LED Wall delivers seamless panel integration based on the indoor environment and configurations.
  • Outdoor LED Display – HOA series outdoor LED solutions are perfect for any billboard or large-scale LED wall project. These ultra reliable, high brightness, low power consumption modules also feature an IP65 rating and auto brightness adjustment for the ultimate impact in any climate or weather conditions.
  • All-In-One Display – 138” LED All-in-one Display. Create the ultimate immersive AV experience for your boardroom with the Hisense All-In-One LED display. Delivering vivid detail and unrivalled color depth, the All-in-one 138” LED display will provide a finishing touch to any quality meeting space.

Laser Screens – 88”, 100” and 120”

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