Interactive Learning Programs

Interactive Programs available in a single platform known as ‘AllviA’, AllviA is an education Platform built by VISANG with whom we are exclusive partnering for global education services operated in the form of an online website. The educational institutions can sign in as a (School) member will be provides educational services installed on the platform to its customers or beneficiaries (students, trainees, etc.) through the platform. It provides educational services using apps, launchers, and devices for learning programs and contents in the cloud server. All Interactive programs are on a subscription basis with the package of Digital Contents + Monthly booklets.

Wings is an Interactive Learning Program for Kindergarten provides an interactive learning environment taking into account the linguistic development, psychology, creativity, and social development of children, in order to help develop all the four areas (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) in language learning.

In Modern days, Interactive, Online, Hybrid platforms for learning are Inevitable hence institutions keep as a backup plan for their traditional learning approaches. We are happy to support the modern market accepting challenges in Digital Transformation.

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